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Fine jewelry committed to superior craftsmanship & honest prices.


"Our journey began with my grandfather in 1953 when he founded our family business. Over the years, as industry trends evolved, so did we, rebranding to our current name. What remains the same is our commitment to crafting pieces of unparalleled quality while eliminating the industry's high markups. Each Narcissus piece is a testament to everyday elegance, a cherished companion for all your life's narratives." — Lakis Tasatzis, CEO & Founder


Our Story—Since 1953

Our story began at the heart of Athens, Greece, where our first studio opened its doors, igniting a passion for craftsmanship and creativity. With hard work and dedication, the first jewelry designs were brought to life, consisting mainly of solid gold chains which quickly found their place among the offering of Greece's foremost major retailers, marking the genesis of our brand's legacy.

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From those humble beginnings, we've evolved and established an international presence, shipping our unique designs around the globe. What has remained unchanged is our ethos of crafting jewelry that stands the test of time using sustainable and long-lasting materials, while providing honest prices, free from the industry's traditional high markups.

At Narcissus, we take pride in creating all our pieces in our studio using 14k solid gold and ethical stones. Our in-house production allows us to sell directly to you, eliminating the need for middlemen and extra costs, while ensuring the same quality as renowned luxury brands. In this way, we stay true to our commitment to fair prices and superior craftsmanship.


Today, we continue to create pieces that inspire, each one a testament to our heritage and the enduring allure of artisanal craftsmanship. We believe in the art of jewelry as a vehicle for everyday elegance and self-expression, and high price tags should not be an obstacle.

We aim to make jewelry that makes you feel special in and we always love to hear from our community. Feel free to get in touch with us at

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