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Latest Gold Necklace Designs

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On saleNude Diamond Station Necklace - NarcissusNude Diamond Station Necklace - Narcissus
Nude Diamond Station Necklace Sale priceFrom $202.00 USD Regular price$240.00 USD
On saleNude Diamond Solitaire Necklace - NarcissusNude Diamond Solitaire Necklace - Narcissus
Nude Diamond Solitaire Necklace Sale priceFrom $224.00 USD Regular price$280.00 USD
On saleSideways Initial Necklace with Diamond - NarcissusSideways Initial Necklace with Diamond - Narcissus
Sideways Initial Necklace with Diamond Sale priceFrom $255.00 USD Regular price$300.00 USD
Save 14%Diamond Pavé Heart Necklace - NarcissusDiamond Pavé Heart Necklace - Narcissus
Diamond Pavé Heart Necklace Sale price$378.00 USD Regular price$440.00 USD
Save 14%Interlocking Diamond Heart Necklace - NarcissusInterlocking Diamond Heart Necklace - Narcissus
Interlocking Diamond Heart Necklace Sale price$466.00 USD Regular price$540.00 USD
Save 14%Flower Diamond Pendant Necklace - NarcissusFlower Diamond Pendant Necklace - Narcissus
Flower Diamond Pendant Necklace Sale price$510.00 USD Regular price$590.00 USD
Save 14%Dainty Pendant with Drilled Diamond - NarcissusDainty Pendant with Drilled Diamond - Narcissus
Dainty Pendant with Drilled Diamond Sale price$343.00 USD Regular price$400.00 USD
On saleDrilled Diamond By The Yard NecklaceDrilled Diamond By The Yard Necklace - Narcissus
Drilled Diamond By The Yard Necklace Sale priceFrom $400.00 USD Regular price$500.00 USD
Save 20%Personalized Coin Necklace - NarcissusPersonalized Coin Necklace - Narcissus
Personalized Coin Necklace Sale price$416.00 USD Regular price$520.00 USD
Save 20%Hanging Nude Diamond Necklace - NarcissusHanging Nude Diamond Necklace - Narcissus
Hanging Nude Diamond Necklace Sale price$1,112.00 USD Regular price$1,390.00 USD
Save 20%Mini Bubble Letter Necklace - NarcissusMini Bubble Letter Necklace - Narcissus
Mini Bubble Letter Necklace Sale price$208.00 USD Regular price$260.00 USD
Save 20%Pyramid Diamond Pendant Necklace - NarcissusPyramid Diamond Pendant Necklace - Narcissus
Pyramid Diamond Pendant Necklace Sale price$392.00 USD Regular price$490.00 USD
Save 20%Interlinked Oval Circle Necklace - NarcissusInterlinked Oval Circle Necklace - Narcissus
Interlinked Oval Circle Necklace Sale price$224.00 USD Regular price$280.00 USD
Save 14%Circle Lariat Y Necklace with Diamonds - NarcissusCircle Lariat Y Necklace with Diamonds - Narcissus
Circle Lariat Y Necklace with Diamonds Sale price$422.00 USD Regular price$490.00 USD
Save 14%25 Stone Diamond Necklace - Narcissus 14k gold 25 Stone Diamond Necklace
25 Stone Diamond Necklace Sale price$352.00 USD Regular price$410.00 USD
On saleOval Solitaire Diamond Pendant Necklace - NarcissusOval Solitaire Diamond Pendant Necklace - Narcissus
Oval Solitaire Diamond Pendant Necklace Sale priceFrom $290.00 USD Regular price$340.00 USD
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