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Flower Necklaces

Inspired by blooming flowers and the enchanting allure of nature, each piece in the flower necklaces collection awakens feelings of springtime romance and eternal renewal. Hand-curated with 14k solid gold and responsibly sourced diamonds, every Narcissus creation promises to lend a romantic feel to any outfit, no matter the occasion or style.

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Save 14%Diamond Flower Necklace - NarcissusDiamond Flower Necklace - Narcissus
Diamond Flower Necklace Sale price$343.00 USD Regular price$400.00 USD
Save 14%Diamond Rose Necklace - NarcissusDiamond Rose Necklace - Narcissus
Diamond Rose Necklace Sale price$308.00 USD Regular price$360.00 USD
Save 15%Flower Diamond Necklace - Narcissus
Flower Diamond Necklace Sale price$299.00 USD Regular price$350.00 USD
Save 14%Flower Diamond Pendant Necklace - NarcissusFlower Diamond Pendant Necklace - Narcissus
Flower Diamond Pendant Necklace Sale price$510.00 USD Regular price$590.00 USD
Save 14%Diamond Clover Pendant Necklace - NarcissusDiamond Clover Pendant Necklace - Narcissus
Diamond Clover Pendant Necklace Sale price$431.00 USD Regular price$500.00 USD

About Our Collection Of Flower Necklaces

The Diamond Flower Necklace, undoubtedly, is one of the symbols that uniquely represent natural beauty and luxuriant design. Flawlessly designed petals with sparkling diamonds present the image of nature and delicacy in flower blossoming. This captivating flower gold necklace stands out for its finesse and beauty, adding to every outfit the element of luxury, elegance and romance.

For those who desire beauty and charm, Diamond Rose Necklace is the very embodiment of it. This lovely jewelry style features a single rose crafted from 14k gold which creates a sophisticated look. The center diamond, shimmering with all its brilliance stands as the emblem of eternal beauty and magnificence. Creating a fusion of elegance and allure, the neckpiece is the ideal embellishment that can transform an outfit into a statement piece that exudes class.

With effortlessly presenting a fusion of elegance and charming playfulness, the Flower Diamond Necklace is simply a winner among winners. The pendant has a beautiful design with three gold flower outlines illuminated by diamonds, from which it hangs through a necklace's graceful chain. This multi-functional item smoothly goes from day to night, an inevitable item of any jewelry collection due to its wide variety of designs &, handcrafted by residing artists, it hypnotizes with its beauty.

If you are looking for something still pretty yet slightly a bit subdued, consider our Flower Diamond Pendant Necklace which is the piece for you to give that extra sparkle to delicate elegance. Layered with softly waving petals, the dazzling detail of the whole wonder is composed with diamonds, which stand for the delicate and feminine feeling. Whether this necklace is worn regularly like an everyday bliss or for special occasions, it gracefully complements different forms of style because it is a timeless piece.

Lastly, our Diamond Clover Pendant Necklace is the symbol of luck and fortune. Clover is represented with intricate design and dazzling diamonds that symbolize wealth and luxurious life. This gold flower necklace is not only an elegant piece of jewelry but also a meaningful symbol of a person's gratitude for life’s blessings and opportunities.

Each of these stunning necklaces celebrates nature's beauty and the classic elegance of 14k gold. Whether you prefer a bold statement or a subtle touch, our flower gold collection offers something for every style and occasion. Choose one of these enchanting necklaces to add a touch of elegance to your look and let your beauty shine.

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