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Bar Necklaces

Step into a world of refined grace and effortless charm with Narcissus’ bar necklaces collection. An exquisite edit of sleek bar pendants suspended from lustrous 14k gold chains, promising a timeless touch of finesse for every attire. Whether it is for your daily looks or a special occasion, find the size and the finish that better suits your personal style.

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Save 15%Diamond Bar Necklace - Narcissus
Diamond Bar Necklace Sale price$299.00 USD Regular price$350.00 USD
Save 14%Curved Bar Diamond Necklace - NarcissusCurved Bar Diamond Necklace - Narcissus
Curved Bar Diamond Necklace Sale price$352.00 USD Regular price$410.00 USD
Save 16%Mini Diamond Bar Necklace - NarcissusMini Diamond Bar Necklace - Narcissus
Mini Diamond Bar Necklace Sale price$193.00 USD Regular price$230.00 USD
Save 14%Trio Stone Diamond Necklace - NarcissusTrio Stone Diamond Necklace - Narcissus
Trio Stone Diamond Necklace Sale price$334.00 USD Regular price$390.00 USD
Save 16%Personalized Gold Bar Necklace - NarcissusPersonalized Gold Bar Necklace - Narcissus
Personalized Gold Bar Necklace Sale price$202.00 USD Regular price$240.00 USD
Save 15%Vertical Diamond Bar Necklace - Narcissus
Vertical Diamond Bar Necklace Sale price$246.00 USD Regular price$290.00 USD
Save 15%Three Diamond Bezel Necklace - NarcissusThree Diamond Bezel Necklace - Narcissus
Three Diamond Bezel Necklace Sale price$316.00 USD Regular price$370.00 USD
Save 15%Dainty Diamond Bezel Bar Necklace - NarcissusDainty Diamond Bezel Bar Necklace - Narcissus
Dainty Diamond Bezel Bar Necklace Sale price$299.00 USD Regular price$350.00 USD
Save 14%Five Diamond Bar Necklace - NarcissusFive Diamond Bar Necklace - Narcissus
Five Diamond Bar Necklace Sale price$343.00 USD Regular price$400.00 USD
Save 14%Two Bezel Diamond Necklace - NarcissusTwo Bezel Diamond Necklace - Narcissus
Two Bezel Diamond Necklace Sale price$431.00 USD Regular price$500.00 USD
Save 14%Cluster Bar Diamond Necklace - NarcissusCluster Bar Diamond Necklace - Narcissus
Cluster Bar Diamond Necklace Sale price$440.00 USD Regular price$510.00 USD
Save 14%Evil Eye Bar Necklace - NarcissusEvil Eye Bar Necklace - Narcissus
Evil Eye Bar Necklace Sale price$431.00 USD Regular price$500.00 USD
Save 14%Diamond Bar Pendant Necklace - NarcissusDiamond Bar Pendant Necklace - Narcissus
Diamond Bar Pendant Necklace Sale price$387.00 USD Regular price$450.00 USD
Save 16%Vertical Diamond Necklace - Narcissus
Vertical Diamond Necklace Sale price$228.00 USD Regular price$270.00 USD
Save 14%Diamond Cluster Necklace - NarcissusDiamond Cluster Necklace - Narcissus
Diamond Cluster Necklace Sale price$492.00 USD Regular price$570.00 USD
Save 13%Diamond Bezel Bar Necklace - NarcissusDiamond Bezel Bar Necklace - Narcissus
Diamond Bezel Bar Necklace Sale price$572.00 USD Regular price$660.00 USD
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