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Circle Necklaces

A circle necklace can be a symbol of harmony and unity. A cherished gift to honor a special connection or simply to yourself. A timeless piece to wear solo or stacked with your favorite gold. Crafted with 14k solid gold to withstand a lifetime of wear, a curated collection of Circle Necklaces awaits to be discovered.

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Save 15%Interlinked Circles Necklace with Tiny Diamond - Narcissus
Interlinked Circles Necklace with Tiny Diamond Sale price$237.00 USD Regular price$280.00 USD
Save 15%Dot Chain Necklace - NarcissusDot Chain Necklace - Narcissus
Dot Chain Necklace Sale price$265.00 USD Regular price$311.67 USD
Save 13%Engravable Sun Disc Necklace - NarcissusEngravable Sun Disc Necklace - Narcissus
Engravable Sun Disc Necklace Sale price$774.00 USD Regular price$890.00 USD
Save 16%Dainty Double Circle Necklace - NarcissusDainty Double Circle Necklace - Narcissus
Dainty Double Circle Necklace Sale price$228.00 USD Regular price$270.00 USD
Save 15%Diamond Karma Circle Necklace - NarcissusDiamond Karma Circle Necklace - Narcissus
Diamond Karma Circle Necklace Sale price$237.00 USD Regular price$280.00 USD
Save 14%Diamond Double Circle Necklace - NarcissusDiamond Double Circle Necklace - Narcissus
Diamond Double Circle Necklace Sale price$475.00 USD Regular price$550.00 USD
Save 15%Circle Diamond Necklace - NarcissusCircle Diamond Necklace - Narcissus
Circle Diamond Necklace Sale price$316.00 USD Regular price$370.00 USD
Save 42%Gold Circle Necklace - NarcissusGold Circle Necklace - Narcissus
Gold Circle Necklace Sale price$162.00 USD Regular price$280.00 USD
Save 45%Interlinked Gold Circles Necklace - NarcissusInterlinked Gold Circles Necklace - Narcissus
Interlinked Gold Circles Necklace Sale price$153.00 USD Regular price$280.00 USD
Save 14%Circle Lariat Y Necklace with Diamonds - NarcissusCircle Lariat Y Necklace with Diamonds - Narcissus
Circle Lariat Y Necklace with Diamonds Sale price$422.00 USD Regular price$490.00 USD
Save 20%Interlinked Oval Circle Necklace - NarcissusInterlinked Oval Circle Necklace - Narcissus
Interlinked Oval Circle Necklace Sale price$224.00 USD Regular price$280.00 USD
Save 20%Personalized Coin Necklace - NarcissusPersonalized Coin Necklace - Narcissus
Personalized Coin Necklace Sale price$416.00 USD Regular price$520.00 USD

About Our Collection Of Circle Necklaces

Step into the timeless beauty of our exquisitely made 14k gold round necklaces. Every piece is carefully manufactured to represent the magic of elegance and refinement thereby, sparkling a little bit of luxury in each outfit. Whether you're into the Dot Chain Necklace's simple look or find the Interlinked Circles Necklace with tiny diamond details to be more to your liking, there's a necklace for everybody and every occasion.

Add more style to your outfit with our Engraver Sun Disc Necklace, an icon of radiance that represents nothing but positivity, which can be a part of your unique personality. Be bold in the suit-and-tie ensemble of our striking Radical Double Circle Necklace, or consider our classic and subtle Dainty Double Circle Necklace for a delicate element of elegance to complete your casual and glamorous look.

For those who believe in the power of karma, our Diamond Karma Circle Necklace is a must-have for you. The necklace embellished with sparkling diamonds is a symbol of spreading love and kindness throughout. Likewise, our Diamond Double Circle Necklace includes a marvellous demonstration of elegance and grace with its two interlinked circles which stand for eternal love and unity.

Discover the stunning loveliness of our Circle Diamond Pendant with one diamond positioned within an elegant gold circle that blends both classic and modern styles. The Gold Circle Necklace also would be an excellent choice for those who want to incorporate some doubleness into their outfits – regardless of whether they dress up or keep it casual.

For a modernised twist on timeless elegance look at our Interlinked Gold Circles Necklace and Minimalist Circles Necklace, each representing the chic and slick feel that will dress up any wardrobe. Whether the classics or the inspired, our line of 14K gold round necklaces will boost your look and leave a lasting impression.

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