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Cross Necklaces

Inspired by the spiritual symbol of the cross, a meaningful piece that represents love, hope, and devotion. Whether it is an expression of your faith or a fashion statement, our cross necklaces collection has something for every taste. A special symbol to add to your collection and pass on to the next generations, guaranteed by durable 14k gold and exquisite craftsmanship.

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Save 17%Tiny Cross Necklace with Diamond - Narcissus
Tiny Cross Necklace with Diamond Sale price$158.00 USD Regular price$190.00 USD
Save 16%Bubble Cross Necklace - NarcissusBubble Cross Necklace - Narcissus
Bubble Cross Necklace Sale price$184.00 USD Regular price$220.00 USD
Save 20%Dainty Cross Necklace - NarcissusDainty Cross Necklace - Narcissus
Dainty Cross Necklace Sale price$128.00 USD Regular price$160.00 USD
Save 15%Diamond Cross Necklace - NarcissusDiamond Cross Necklace - Narcissus
Diamond Cross Necklace Sale price$290.00 USD Regular price$340.00 USD

About Our Collection Of Cross Necklaces

Boost up your unique look with our Bubble Cross Necklace, the exclusive piece of chic and honor. Crafted with exquisite elegance and creativity, this piece of art features whole-shaped bubbles around the cross which gives out a vibe of modern faith and devotion. Its elegant simplicity makes it an excellent choice for those seeking it.

For the most magnificent and pretty representation of faith, there is no need to look any further than the Diamond Tiny Cross Necklace. A beautifully crafted little cross with a tiny diamond is specifically designed for someone who appreciates simple elegance. It represents everything from spirituality to love and optimism.

Upgrade your style with our Diamond Cross Necklace, beautifully emphasized with a 14k gold cross necklace for women that has diamonds set into it. Each tiny diamond reflects the symbol of timeless faith, projecting an extra touch of grace and shimmer making this piece even more magnificent. Handmade with the utmost of care, this necklace is a personification of the right mix of elegance and delicacy.

Sometimes simple yet chic is all that you need! If you are this kind of person, the Dainty Cross Necklace will be the perfect piece of jewelry for you! Handcrafted from the gleaming 14k gold, the understated piece featuring a slim cross creates a more refined and graceful representation of the religion's timeless symbol.

Every necklace in our Gold Cross collection goes through a precise process of craftsmanship and is created with high quality materials that ensure lasting durability. Whether you are looking for a strong statement or a more delicate touch, our carefully curated collection of different pieces is sure to please whatever your style or occasion is. Make your look stand out elegantly by picking from these marvelous gold cross necklaces that speak to conviction, affection, and eternal class.

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